About us

Italian furniture tradition

Now and then

Artisanal furniture by local producers from Pesaro and Urbino since 1985

The unique style of Bagno Più has been gradually developing since 1985. Started off as a company producing wooden furniture for bathrooms of classical design, we have expanded our model range with rethought twists on traditional shapes. While the prototypes for our earlier collections are found throughout history, our latest products are created to transfer beauty, quality and functionality in a contemporary bathroom setting.

Available in a wide array of sizes, finishes and furnishing our model range provides with a solution of creating a truly unique and sustainable bathroom project.

The history of the company Bagno Più embodies a long tradition of small scale Italian furniture workshops. Carefully manufactured out of natural components our products inherit the quality mastered by generations of local craftsmen. Our collections continue and develop this lineage of traditional craft and style. By working in close connection with the local producers our design team strives to continue the story of this distinguished European craft.

Adhering to the standards and principles of artisanal production we use natural and durable materials such as timber, Italian marble and ceramics. Made primarily out of solid wood our furniture serves through decades and besides for the outstanding quality speaks with the beauty of nature.